HD and SD Video Production

We can help you with:
3D Modeling & Animation
Audio Editing & Effects
Audio for the Web
Blog Setup
Computer Programming
Custom Software Solutions
Database Design
Digital Photography
Digital Video Shooting
Email Marketing
IT Consulting
Mailing List Management
Online Advertising
Post Production
Print Design
Search Engine Optimization
Still and Motion Graphics
Video Editing & Effects
Video for the Web
Web Forum Setup
Web Site Design
Web Site Hosting
and more.....

Invictus Media is a competitive option for the production of

  • Documentary Films
  • Arts & Entertainment
  • Educational Media
  • Marketing & Communications
  • Live Events & Workshops
  • Promotional Videos
  • Show Openings and Trailers
  • Video for the Web

Invictus Media utilizes a range of next-generation production technologies that improve results and dramatically cut production costs.

Invictus Media is capable of production to almost all professional video and audio formats (both domestic and international) -- perfect for broadcast television and/or commercial distribution to DVD, Digital Downloads, Film, and Internet.


In all stages of production Invictus Media utilizes the most advanced professional technologies currently available. The result is "Hollywood" or "national broadcast network" results for nearly all forms of distribution -- including film, D-Cinema, HDTV (1080/60p), Blu-Ray, DVD, and web video.

A Complete Solution...

Invictus Media offers "in house" solutions for all stages of production -- from freelance script writers and pre-production through to the final touches and copying for mass distribution.

The unique "in house" scope of capabilities set Invictus Media apart from many competitors, reduce production costs, speed up production timelines, and seamlessly integrate for optimal results.

We can handle image and color correction, advanced professional composition and editing, visual effects, complete audio editing and post production to studio standards, content mastering to broadcast and/or distribution specifications, distribution ready Blu-Ray and DVD construction (content, navigation, art, features)

From concept to delivery -- Invictus Media offers state-of-the-art production solutions for independent films, documentary films, educational videos, marketing videos, and television advertisements -- delivered to almost any format -- including film, D-Cinema, HDTV (NTSC & PAL), Blu-ray, DVD, and web video. Please contact us for a no cost, no obligation consultation regarding your media production goals.